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About us

At Meritude we believe that there should be equal opportunities. We want to contribute to this by striving to create an unbiased job-search process. We, as Meritude, are still suprised about the bias within the selection process. This inequality is created by the people who participate in the recruitment process. So what if you could replace this with technology? That is why Meritude is founded.

Matching people based on their talents

Our goal is to select people based on their abilities by the use of technology. How do you do something like that? Well, by building an algorithm that matches job seekers with employers based on talents, abilities and wishes. Both parties can enter this and the algorithm does its job! Meritude originates from a personal initiative of the CEO, he managed to inspire a group of IT people around him to build the algorithm.

Interested? Join us!

We are still looking for creative, driven and flexible people to join us to make the world a little less unequal. Although we don’t have any specific positions open, do reach out to us if you are interested!