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What we do

Exclusion based on ethnicity, socio-economic status as well as gender is a recurring problem and reflected in the job-search process. It creates and feeds a division in our society.

Why we excist

Meritude is an organisation striving for equal opportunities without any bias. Our philosophy is based on the merit principle. In other words, we are purely interested in capabilities and skills required to perform a job. Without regarding the socio-economic background our technology links profiles to job vacancies, making the process a fair one. Meritude offers opportunities for anyone who is looking for a new challenge and who wants to experience the application process in an inspiring and innovative way.

How we work

Based on a completed profile our technology will find matching job vacancies. From this follows an overview of “matches” that fit your wishes. The same is happening on the side of the employers. There will be an overview of the matches, both for the applicant and employer. This will provide a suitable talent for a suitable position.